Kitchen Culture Kit, Inc.

Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc.

“Bringing plant tissue culture to the home and classroom since 1998”


Refills for your kit or supply box will be here.  We will offer :
MS with Vitamins in 1 liter packets
Agar in 100 gram bottles
Magenta baby food jar caps – 50 per bag
Baby food jars
Hormones (BAP, NAA, IBA) in 100 mg powder with 100 ml KOH solution
Smidgen spoons for measuring agar
Measuring spoons (US) for measuring sucrose, etc.
Transfer pipets and 1 ml syringes for measuring hormone solutions.

Prices and photos are coming soon.

If you need something in bulk, such as baby food jar caps, we will try to help you find a reasonable source.
Sometimes the biggest problem is shipping costs and some companies will negotiate.

Contact me at  or

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