Kitchen Culture Kit, Inc.

Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc.

“Bringing plant tissue culture to the home and classroom since 1998”

Basic Kit

“The Revised Original Kit” includes:

      •  KCK Manual with MSDS-CD and KCK DVD
      • MS Medium with vitamins – 5 packets (1 liter each)
      • Agar, powdered – 100 grams
      • Hormones:  Pre-weighed (100 mg) powdered hormones:  BAP and NAA 
      • 100 ml 0.1 M KOH  (3 bottles) to dissolve each hormones
      • PPM – 10 ml
      • Forceps – 8 inches
      • Magenta Polypropylene Baby food jar caps – 50
      • pH papers
      • Measuring spoons, smidgen spoons, 1 ml syringes, 1 ml transfer pipettes 

    Price:  $172 with shipping.  Tax must be charged for resident in the state of Washington.   The kit fits in a large flat rate USPS box which costs about $22.80 domestic.   I try to use the cheapest shipping method which is usually USPS Priority and the smallest box needed.  Money should not be wasted on intangibles such as shipping.  For questions, email me at

    Advanced Kit with Jars

    This is the basic kit with 22 baby food jars (6 ounce size)  but only 22 baby food jar covers.  It will ship via USPS Ground Advantage. Cost with shipping in US is $183. 

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