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Products from Carol’s Lavender Farm

As many of you know, Carol has a lavender farm which she started in 2020 with her husband and daughter.  The website is

That website does not have online shopping yet so I thought I would add some products here. Gift Sets that are ready to ship are listed below.  Different patterns that in the process of being made are listed too.  Email me if something looks interesting.  Right  now only shipping the gift box set but could offer each piece separetly.  Check the Store for options.


Lavender Aromatherapy Heating Pads are 21×5 inches and the cover is made from 100% cotton fabric. Each cell is filled with a mixture of dried hybrid lavender buds and Jasmine rice. Do not put the heating pad in water or wash the pad. Prior to heating place the heating pad on a clean, dry plate in the microwave. Start the microwave with 30 seconds on full power and increase by 15 second steps to get the desired temperature. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Do not exceed 1 – 1.5 minutes in duration.

Our Lavender Sachets are made with either English or hybrid dried lavender buds and Jasmine rice. Sachets are used to make things smell fresh and are usually placed in clothing drawers, closets, lockers, shoes, purses, backpacks, cars, etc. Besides smelling good, they can help keep away moths. Remember our sachets are filled with dried lavender buds and rice. Therefore, do not put the sachets in water or wash.

Our Lavender Stress Bags are made using either English or hybrid lavender and can be used as a stress reliever. The bags are made from 100% cotton fabric and are filled with dried lavender buds and lentils. Hold the bag in your hand and squeeze repeatedly. This action helps relieve stress and at the same time releases the oils in the buds and the lavender aroma. Many people find stress bags helpful when sitting in class for a lecture, watching television, or anytime to relieve tension. The person holding the bag benefits from tactile activity. In addition, the released aroma might help relax everyone in the area. You can carry stress bags in your pocket or backpack to have continuous soothing lavender aroma. Do not put the stress bag in water or wash. Remember the bags are filled with dried lavender buds and lentils. However, the bag could be briefly warmed in a microwave (less than 15 seconds) and used as hand warmer or pocket warmer.  Note: this is Carol’s favorite.

Our Lavender Eye Pillows are 9×3 inches and the cover is made from 100% cotton fabric. The pillow, filled with dried English or hydrid lavender buds and Jasmine rice, provides effective relaxing aromatherapy. For cooling relief, seal in a plastic bag and freeze overnight before use. Do not put the eye pillow in water or wash. Remember the pillow are filled with dried lavender buds and rice. Also, do not heat the eye pillow in microwave.

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