Kitchen Culture Kit, Inc.

Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc.

“Bringing plant tissue culture to the home and classroom since 1998”

About Us

Carol Stiff is the founder of Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc, the  – Home Tissue Culture Group 501(c)(3) non-profit (now disbanded), and the Home Tissue Culture Listserv.  She helped start the Home Tissue Culture FaceBook page although Frank Tromble is the real genius of that site. 

Carol has a history of university research and teaching and was trying for years to do tissue culture at home or in a classroom setting.  When Carol’s funding ended at university, she started “Kitchen Culture Kits Inc.” in 1998.  The listserv was started the same year. 


The goal was to help people communicate with each other, share ideas, compare methods, exchange seeds, plants and cultures, and find sources of supplies needed in hobby tissue culture.  Introducing plant tissue culture into the classroom, via these inexpensive methods, will hopefully allow teachers to invigorate their students and help them understand a little bit about the field of plant biotechnology.  Taking the fear out of science and making it fun is a major goal.

Over the years since 1998, Carol has taught many workshops around the USA.  See map below.  Our students have ranged from age 9 (accompanied by a parent) to 90+.  I will add photos of some of those as a learn this program.

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