Kitchen Culture Kits has been teaching workshops since 1998.
Workshops were discontinued due to Covid-19.  We may offer a Zoom workshop if anyone is interested.  Contact Carol at



  • Contact us if you are interested in having a workshop in your area.  To cover expenses, we need a minimum of 16-20 people at $99 each.  Expenses for a "fly-to" include airfare, hotel, transportation at site, supplies, etc.  Expenses for a "drive-to" workshop are less. Contact Carol for details.
  • If you are putting together a local workshop and would help getting free samples such as PPM, media or agar, or getting advice from a local hobbyist, contact Carol
  • One-on-One Training is available.  Contact Carol.
  • Workshop Handout: email Carol if you would like a copy of our workshop handout
  • Workshop Pictures (to be added soon-lost during recent "meltdown")

Contact Carol for more information:

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