This past spring, I made a video called "The KCK Workshop Video".  It goes through the workshop slides and hands-on activities just as we do in a one day workshop.  The voice over that I did not turn out well.  Some of the video showing isolation and culture of different explants needs to be re-done as I used some video that was recorded at live workshops. 
It is not ready for the public although I did give out "beta" copies at my workshop in Wisconsin.  I have two versions: one works well on your computer screen and the other fits on my iPhone. That actually came in handy when I was traveling this summer before the workshop as it helped me prepare for my presentation.
Perhaps I can get some more video captured for the parts that need it and eventually re-do the voice overs. AS those of you experienced with making videos, it is not easy.  Frank Tromble makes it look easy - see his videos at - but it is not.
Time will tell if this ever goes to "market".  Email me if you are curious.
For now, you might want to go to YouTube and let me know what videos that have that might be useful to list here.................................carol

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