Recommended "Hobby Friendly" Vendors

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All-around great source for non-specific tc supplies such as forceps, books, pH measure, etc.  Always open
Caisson Laboratories LLC
All-around great source for tissue culture media, hormones, supplies:   Free samples.  Great customer service.
Orchid Seedbank Project
Aaron Hicks, super orchid guru, sells orchid seeds, related products, BOOKS and gives out great advice.  Note that he is also a really nice guy!
Great customer service.
Phytotechnology Laboratories LLC
All-around great source for all things "tissue culture":   One of best resource/technical sites available:  Ken and Janet Torres have been doing this longer than us!!  Check out their videos:  Great customer service.
Plant Cell Technology Inc
Source of PPM: Plant Cell Preservative  This is what made our Kitchen Culture Kit possible.  Free samples
Dr. Ronald A. deFossard Instructional CDs
Dr. Ronald A. deFossard has been a specialist in cloning plants by micropropagation since 1961. His CD collection is invaluable.
Root66 Nursery (Frank Tromble)
Frank Tromble is a hobby tc "guru" and is most active on the Home Tissue Culture Listserv.  Besides offering his expertise on the listserv, he runs this site which offers tissue culture plants and supplies.   Great customer service.

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