The Home Tissue Culture Listserv

was started in 1998 to help unite home tissue culture enthusiasts: to share ideas, compare successes and failures, get help, etc. There are over 2000 members now worldwide. Join now. It is free and it is a most valuable resource.

The Plant Tissue Culture Listserv

Established in November of 1994, the listserv PLANT-TC is an international forum for discussing scientific, educational, hobby, organizational and other aspects related to PLANT TISSUE CULTURE (physiology, pathology, micropropagation, secondary products, transformation, developmental biology, etc). Announcements for jobs and scientific meetings are frequently posted to the list.  This is an extremely valuable resource.

The Hobby Greenhouse Association Listserv

Welcome to the Hobby Greenhouse list!

     This list is for gardeners who grow plants and flowers in residential hobby greenhouses or who are planning to build a greenhouse in the future. Growers in window greenhouses and solariums are included.  The Hobby Greenhouse Association, a nonprofit organization, has set up this list to provide an electronic place where both members of HGA and other indoor gardeners can "meet" and exchange information on greenhouse maintenance, operation, and growing plants.

How does somebody subscribe to the list?  Send the following email:  mailto:HGA-L-SUBSCRIBE-REQUEST@LS2.CMICH.EDU

The website for HGA is:

For more information download HGA PDF (coming soon)

ACMAP (American Council for Medicinally Active Plants Inc.)

Go to:


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