Comparison of Kits (Subject to Change): Medicinal Basic Expanded Everything
KCK Manual
pH papers
Transfer pipets-graduated
Measuring spoons
Smidgen spoons
White plastic jar cover
Free samples as available:  1 ml syringe, 5 ml dropper, test tube/cap, baby food jar cap, GA7 vessel or ???? or others 
that might become available
x               x  
MS Medium with vitamins (1 liter packet) 10          10  
Agar, powdered (9 grams packet) or 100 gram bottle (10 grams more than packets) 10          10  

Hormones (100 mg):

New Hormone Policy: BAP and NAA solutions are stable when shipped fast (less than 4 days). Others may not be stable.  It is recommended that if shipping takes more than 4 days or temperatures are hot, hormones should be purchased in powder form.

  • We offer 100 mg hormone powder plus 100 ml 0.1 M KOH solution. 
  • This is shipped in two bottles: one bottle has 100 mg dry hormone powder and the other bottle has 100 ml of  0.1 M KOH solution.
  • Hormones available are BAP, kinetin, IBA, IAA, and NAA.  Others may be available later.  Contact Carol if you need one that is not listed.
  • See "Handling Hormone Powders"
4     4  
PPM - 10 ml 3          3           
Baby food jar caps - polypropylene 150     150  
GA7 vessel by Magenta          
Microwavable measuring cup/beaker-1 L 1     1  
KCK CD (Interactive) 1     1  
Special Medicinal Protocol
Step by Step
Photo Instructions
Frank Tromble DVD: Micropropagation                  
Workshop Ready Kit additions:  PVC Cleanbox/plastic bags, plastic wrap, spray bottle, instrument/alcohol holder container, sterile water container, leak proof jar, etc.  All items needed for workshop. Student will take all of this home plus free samples from class and cultures initiated in class.          
Registration in local Workshop          
*Items marked with a star (*) have options.  See individual page description of kit          

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