Expanded Kit

This kit is temporarily not available.  Email for updates..........Carol

Expanded Kit with DVD

•KCK Manual, DVD, MSDS CD 
•MS Medium with Vitamins - 1 liter packet (10)
•Agar, Powdered - 9 gram packet (10) or 100 gram bottle agar
•3 - 100 mg powdered hormone (Choose 3:  BAP, Kinetin, NAA, IBA, Other?)
•3 - 100 ml  0.1 M KOH for dissolving hormones
•Forceps - 8 inches
•pH papers
•Measuring spoons, smidgen spoons, 1 ml syringe
•1 ml transfer pipettes
•Free samples (varies with availability)
•100 baby food jar caps (Magenta bcaps)
•20 ml PPM
•Priority Shipping via USPS. Refrigerate on Arrival.