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Kitchen Culture Kits Inc. was developed to help hobbyists, students, teachers, nurserymen and other brave people do plant tissue culture without expensive equipment.   We educate.  We sell kits and supplies. We try to help......carol

Hours, Shipping, Payment Methods:  We are usually closed July 1 - 31 for Summer Vacation.

Tentative hours are 9 am-1 pm Monday - Thursday; orders ship within 1 day - 3 weeks depending on inventory available and Carol's volunteer schedule. Please email Carol if you need your order expedited.   Note: Limited hours over holidays, kids' birthdays and the month of June (planting season). All orders shipped USPS Priority or Express.  We accept credit cards/PayPal and checks (with permission). CONTACT CAROL IF YOU HAVE A Purchase Order. 

New Options for Powdered Hormones

New option for some hormones whose stability is not fully determined:  We will supply 100 mg powder plus 100 ml 0.1 M KOH.  Upon receipt, powder is mixed with the KOH and then refrigerated or frozen. Currently we only sell hormones to kit owners. See General Hormone Information at Carol's Protocols  "Handling Hormone Powders"

Our History

Carol Stiff is the founder of Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc, the Home Tissue Culture Group - a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and the Home Tissue Culture Listserv.


Carol has a history of university research and teaching and was trying for years to do tissue culture at home or in a classroom setting.  When Carol's funding ended at university, she started "Kitchen Culture Kits Inc." in 1998.  The listserv was started the same year. 


The goal was to help people communicate with each other, share ideas, compare methods, exchange seeds, plants and cultures, and find sources of supplies needed in hobby tissue culture.  Introducing plant tissue culture into the classroom, via these inexpensive methods, will hopefully allow teachers to invigorate their students and help them understand a little bit about the field of plant biotechnology.  Taking the fear out of science and making it fun is a major goal.

Workshops have been taught since 1998 by Carol Stiff.   Contact Carol if you are interested.

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